3dWordFlip app (price starts at ca.)


Everyone’s a designer!
Always wanted to make your own 3D printable object? Our 3dWordFlip app now makes it possible for everyone to create a unique and personal gift in just 5 easy steps. Let's say your name is Eve and you want to surprise the love of your life, Adam. Just enter these two names and our app will combine them into one printable object. It's as simple as that!

The only 3D gift with a personal message
3dWordFlip is all about handing over a message, a feeling or a mood by combining two texts in one object. The message reveals itself once you turn the object. A 3dWordFlip is a gift that will keep your lover smiling for days.

We've created three situations in which a message can be special:
* Wedding : the names of loved ones
* Birthday : a newborn baby and a date of birth
* Message/Fun : a one-liner in one object

Don't forget to experiment to make crazy combinations!

How does it work?
After entering your message (words, numbers) you can generate a preview and price indication of your 3D model. Feel free to go back and change your design at any time. When you are pleased with your design you can transfer it to Shapeways and start ordering it. Click here to start our 3dWordFlip app.

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Product Description

Price: dependent upon the number of characters, the chosen font, size and colour
Size: variable, dependent upon your choice
Material: strong flexible plastic
Colours: you can add a colour to your design once you have transferred it to Shapeways. However, if your design is larger than 15 cm Shapeways can only print your design in white or black.