A 3dWordFlip is all about handing over a message; a truly personal 3d giftobject.

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What is 3D printing?

To put it simply: 3D printing turns digital designs into real products, using raw materials and new technology. This new 3D printing technology has created a world of new and endless possibilities for designers. For the first time in history almost every design, even the most complex ones, can be turned into real objects.

What is Shapeways?

At this moment Shapeways is world’s leading 3D printing marketplace with headquarters in New York and factories and offices in Queens, Seattle and The Netherlands. Shapeways has the best 3D printing technology of the world, so your design will be manufactured at one of their factories. Shapeways will send your design directly to your address via UPC. Learn more about Shapeways at: http://www.shapeways.com

Why does it take one to three weeks before my design is ready?

First of all, 3D printing is still a laborious process that needs to be monitored by expert staff.
In the process of turning your digital design into a real product, human hands, skills and expertise are as much important as technology. From the moment your digital design arrives at Shapeways, several time consuming steps need to be taken, such as programming, printing, cooling, brushing and colouring (optional).
In addition, shipping time is variable, depending on where you live. If you’re Dutch, you should take into account one week of delivery time.

Why is there a difference in price?

Every object is unique, therefore there is no fixed price. The price depends on the combination and number of characters. The length of longest text forms the base of the other text. A combination of a long word with just one letter or number, pushes up the height of the smallest text. Otherwise, the smallest text gets out of shape. The ratio between base and height of a character is fixed. The 3dWordFlip app calculates automatically what height is needed for your design.
Adding a colour will also make your design more expensive.

Can I give my design a colour?

You can add a colour to your design once you have transferred it to Shapeways. However, if your design is larger than 15 cm Shapeways can only print your design in black and white.

Why doesn’t my object change colour when I click on the colour buttons?

You can’t see the colour changing in your 3D design itself. It will only be visible in the words below the colour buttons. Please be assured that your present will be delivered in the colour of your choice.

Why can’t I make my object smaller?

Not all sizes can be printed because of the minimal wall thickness of 1 mm. An object always needs to keep a certain thickness. The 3dWordFlip app calculates automatically what height your design needs taking the minimal thickness of 1 mm into account. The given sizes in black (when you pop up the ‘height’ option) are the ones you can actually choose from. The ones in grey cannot be produced by Shapeways. Because 3dWordFlip makes endless combinations possible, it’s a matter of experimenting what’s printable.